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We are a young, family company from Białystok, operating under the brand name of Hrabina Rzewuska, which was created out of love and passion for perfumes in oil. Having lived in Qatar for several years allowed us to understand the oriental world of fragrances and fall in love with them. Hrabina Rzewuska offers luxurious oriental perfumes composed of the highest quality ingredients. Beautiful fragrance compositions are designed in cooperation with a leading European manufacturer, who has been creating niche oriental fragrances for several years, specializing in oriental essences with the use of mainly natural raw materials. The base of the perfume is jojoba oil, which due to its properties is perfect for the production of perfumes, namely: it does not cause allergic reactions, it does not affect the fragrance of the perfume, it improves perfumes longevity, it does not leave an oily film on the skin, it is resistant to high temperatures, that is why it stay on the skin for a long time. Oil perfume is much more efficient than traditional alcohol-based perfume. The brand Hrabina Rzewuska also cares about the quality on the outside as well, therefore we decided to have small, practical to use in all circumstances roll-on bottles. Our perfume bottles and the packaging was also designed with attention to detail.


'Having lived in Qatar for several years, every day was a delight for my senses due to the variety of fragrances'.

The aromas of spices sold at fairs and shops, brewed coffee, tobacco roasted in shishas in cafes, the appetizing scent of dishes lingering from the restaurants have stimulated the senses on every corner… The rich and intense scents of the perfumed Qatari citizens, were also difficult to be ignored.

After returning back to Poland, thanks to the fragrance oils that are so popular in the Middle East, I could again feel like walking along the bustling Pearl and Lusail promenades, feeling the breeze in the Zekreet desert or savoring the aromas of restaurants in Qatar. I started distributing oriental fragrances to my family and friends, and then in wider circles as well. The enthusiastic reception of beautiful fragrances inspired me to create a my own brand of high-quality perfume, Hrabina Rzewuska.


The curiosity about the mysterious East has been growing in me for several years. The fascinating life story of my ancestor Wacław Seweryn Rzewuski, a Polish nobleman, horse expert and a traveler contributed to this. In the 1820s, he traversed the Arabian steppes as an excuse to buy horses for Tsar Alexander. Through participation in various battles, his courage and knowledge of horses, he came closer to the Bedouins and won their hearts. He became a legend for them, where stories were told about him and songs were sung and he was also granted the title of emir. While creating my own brand, Hrabina Rzewuska, I have decided to pay tribute to Wacław Rzewuski. I want to cultivate his story, which gave me courage to fulfill my professional dream.

The writings dedicated to Rzewuski, among others: Adam Mickiewicz ('Farys'), Juliusz Słowacki ('Duma o Wacławie Rzewuski), Wincenty Pol ('Hetman Złotobrody'), Tadeusz Miciński (poem 'Emir Rzewuski' in the volume Nietota), Tymko Padura ('Zołotaja boroda') and Michał Budzyński ('Wacław Rzewuski'). Jerzy Grotowski also included Rzewuski in his hitherto unknown volume of poems (he wrote them at the age of 16) under the title 'Emir el Kajhi'. He also appeared in the paintings of Juliusz Kossak, Piotr Michałowski and January Suchodolski.

The School Consultation Point at the Polish Embassy in Abu Dhabi, based in Dubai, is named after Wacław Seweryn Rzewuski.

Duma o Wacławie Rzewuskim autorstwa Juliusza Słowackiego